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My name is Avi Barak.

I am an Israeli musician who lives in Tel Aviv and works as a drummer,

soundtrack composer, video photographer, creator of multimedia.
In recent years, and more prominently since 2017, I am active in public and social activism, promoting different agendas around cost of living, politics and most recently the COVID crisis.
In 2020 I was involved in the “Balfour protest” during the political instability and multiple elections following the alleged corruption and depravity of former (and current) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

During this protest, and the COVID protest that followed it, I have created over a 100 videos ranging from documentation of demonstrations and police violence across the country, to comic and satire videos relating to these topics.
In 2021, I continued and enhanced my public activity, focusing on COVID in general, and specifically the COVID mRNA products, the corruption and deception that accompanied them, revealing the connections between big pharma companies, globalist politicians and media corporations, in what seems to be an unprecedented collusion. 
Additionally, I was involved in uncovering the damage and side effects of the Covid injections through interviews of prominent figures such as the immunologist Dr. Jessica Rose, among others.
I have created and continue to do so, informational videos in English and Hebrew, which help increasing awareness to topics such as corruption, crony capitalism, links between power and wealth, COVID deception and the control of organizations such as the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization and the UN and governments, both in Israel and around the world, creating what’s known by the term “globalism” through promotion of fake catastrophes, global crises, loss of privacy, restrictions and limitations, and transfer of power and wealth to a central body.
Recently I have begun researching what's known as the “climate crisis” and its connection to the aforementioned organizations that engineered the COVID crisis.

I do so out of a sense of duty, and invest many hours and days investigating, filming, editing and creating digital content in order to inform the public and make this information more accessible and widely spread.

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