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Benjamin Netanyahu and Albert Bourla - What are they planning?

Former and current prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has sold his entire country, including children, to be used as and in an experiment, to try to win an election, and to get out of his criminal charges.

It is not a mystery why the Chief Medical Advisor to the US President - Anthony Fauci, was quoted that they will wait for the reactions of IDF soldiers to the so called "Vaccine", and they will "see what happens" to those young Israelis, before they will give it to young Americans. His views were clear about Israel.

It seems that the draconian binding agreement that Netanyahu signed with Bourla, was even worse than what other countries have signed, (including complete liability shield and that those countries will provide in case of lawsuits against Pfizer.

The case of Benjamin Netanyahu and Albert Bourla is a classic case of political and commercial interests finding each other.

and maximizing both political and financial profit to both of them, at the expense of the public's interests, tax payers money and of course - health.

In this video, Benjamin Netanyahu is making a speech as part of the elections campaign, and revealing what else he promised Albert Bourla to take part in.

listen to what Albert Bourla says in his interview to the Israeli media about Netanyahu.

One of the things Benjamin Netanyahu keeps talking about, is creating a genetic pool and taking advantage of the special structure of the Israeli health system (which he has nothing to do with), and basically volunteering the Israeli society to be a part of another experiment without informed consent.

This won't be the first time Israeli's genetic data is sold or comprised.

Since then he won the elections again, in another hate based campaign, as always and is now taking measures to end Israeli democracy, by controlling the courts of law, and trying to have his own trial - dismissed.

He sold us once, He will sell us again and again and again.

These are crimes against humanity.


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