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Climate is the new Covid

In the past few months, it seems that every other sponsored ad on my Facebook feed, whether from commercial companies or government departments and offices - contains the words "climate crisis".

It seems that it is everywhere. Climate is the next Covid.

In both cases - it's all about the campaign.

That's where these very familiar next steps are about to arrive or had already began:

⚡️ Taxation, restrictions, blaming the public (never corporations), media bombardment on the subject matter, censorship on social networks (already announced), criminal punishment against those they define as distributors of "fake news", public incitement against those who "do not cooperate".

⚡️An unprecedented blitz of indoctrination on children in schools, kindergartens, in after school activity, in the media, using the “blame and shame” game as a tactic to create an entire generation of obedient minds, through guilt, fear and anxiety.

⚡️ Re-defining what constitutes a “state of emergency” - and then using legislation as they did with Covid.

In Israel they legislated the “Enabling act”, and in other western countries, similar laws and regulations took place, with different names and titles.

With these laws, they were able to bypass any “regular times” laws, and due process, and take extreme measures without any transparency and which includes shutting down an entire country, and depriving people from their civil liberties and freedoms, decisions that are usually taken (and almost never happens) by the entire parliament or public poles, and not by a small group of people.

⚡️ creating a social credit system, as already implemented in china, which will be monitoring consumption, will define which places are ‘green’ and are allowed to visit or shop in (and trust me when I say that those “allowed” shops and retails will all lead up to the same source).

It will monitor when you “crossed” some predefined and constantly changing line, if you consume x or y product too much, and when you pass the allowed quota for this day/month/year.

It will measure your “carbon footprint”, which has zero connection to any global warming.

It will also measure your “contribution” to the social network speech, and how much you contribute to the “right kind of language” like for example - Gender.

And of course it will be related to your vaccination status and obedience to health regulations.

⚡️ Today, there is already a system implemented in the corporate world called: ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance).

Many investors steer away from companies who do not have a high enough ESG ratings.

These companies are measured not only in their “carbon footprint, but also need to keep pushing the woke agenda, meaning it has to be involved in the social aspect to keep the score high.

That’s why we are seeing more and more ads by big companies, for example: pride.

It has nothing to do with pride itself or the importance of equal rights for LGBT people, it is being driven by the ESG score.

The mechanism is built in such a way that corporations that do not “play ball” will have a harder time with investors and shareholders, compared to companies that do go through that path.

Nike is a good example of a company like that with a high ESG score.

⚡️ It will have nothing to do with “climate change”, it has everything to do with money, politics, control and obedience.

The world and the environment do need a lot of care, especially regarding pollution and over consumption, but these “woke” agendas, that are being driven by institutions like the world economic forum, are completely unrelated to the subject matter.

⚡️ So climate is the new Covid, and it has just begun.

There will be no debate, no arguments against the one and only narrative they are pushing.

None of the opposing scientists and researchers will be heard, they will most likely be ostracized by the mainstream community and will be labeled “anti climate” or anti science.

Google and Facebook have already set a tone of “zero tolerance” towards any opposing opinion implementing the same methods as with Covid, using those “fact checkers” which have nothing to do with the word “Fact”.

⚡️ There is no better way to control people than fear and anxiety, and the main emphasis is geared towards children and indoctrination.

Our job is to protect our children from this cult, and to give them tools to stay awake, sharp, asking questions, and always always - doubt!


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